Our team of lawyers has a long-standing practice in international arbitration. We work closely with our clients to reach an economically and commercially acceptable solution through arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, or both.

And while maritime law remains our top priority, we have experience in many other aspects of international trade, joint ventures and international commodity contracts.

AC "Vladimirov" covers the whole spectrum of services - from the consultations on arbitration clauses and the multilateral arbitration agreements to the execution of the arbitration decisions. We are prepared to conduct arbitration cases under the ICC, LCIA, UNCITRAL and CIETAC rules, as well as ad hoc arbitrage.

AK "Vladimirov" represents a wide range of clients including leading international companies.

Our services include:

  • Drafting an arbitration agreement;
  • Choice of arbitration rules;
  • Appointment of arbitrators;
  • Participation in the arbitration procedure;
  • Implementation of the arbitration award;
  • Choice of appropriate alternative methods

When a lawsuit is needed, our clients can be confident that our experienced lawyers team will implement practical, effective and cost-effective strategies to achieve the set goals. Regardless of the complexity of the problem or the way it is solved - through a process, arbitration, mediation or agreement, we always put first the interests of the client.
Our lawyers in court apply not only their expertise but also the experience of their colleagues from other departments of the company to achieve a quick, cost-effective and efficient process.

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