Our office is probably the only one in Bulgaria with a franchise department with franchise professionals with experience in all its aspects.

We help our clients to develop and implement appropriate strategies when entering new markets.

The personal experience of our lawyers in the franchise transfer provides an opportunity for informed, practical and individual customer service.

We work closely with customers by helping them minimize risk and avoid potentially costly problems at a later stage.

We are co-founders and members of the Bulgarian Franchising Association.

Although our primary objective is to prevent legal disputes, our work also involves solving problems arising in the process of work, using techniques such as arbitration, mediation and procedural representation.


- For franchisors - preparation of legal documents such as a franchise contract and documents related to the management of the franchise system;

- For franchisees:

Franchise purchase contracts;
Consultancy relating to the preparation of documents relating to business activities;
Property-related property and property management services such as offices, shops and other commercial premises;
Intellectual Property Rights Consultation - Copyright, Trademark and Patent;
For more information on franchising in Bulgaria, see www.franchise.start.bg

Franchising as a way to immigration to the US
Immigration is a major problem for many US investors seeking to enter the franchise market. Obtaining a green card or an investment visa can be a tricky process, and you need a lawyer, an immigration and franchise specialist who can explain all your options.

What are the steps:

Step 1 - Contact us
Sofia Office Washington, DC Office

Step 2 - Consultation
Our consultant will call you to arrange a meeting and discuss your goals in finding the right franchise for you. This will take about 30 minutes and can be done by email, phone or Skype. At our next meeting we will present you the best options for you.

Step 3 - Study
Taking into account the information you gave us and the goals you have set, we will find 3-4 franchises that meet your requirements.

Step 4 - Recommendations
We will present the results of our research and provide you with the necessary information.

Step 5 - Present to a contact person from the selected franchise
For each of the presented franchises we will contact you with the right people. The franchisor will send you all the necessary materials.

Step 6 - Support in every respect

Step 7 - Immigration Procedure (if necessary)
Our experienced immigration attorney will help you apply for an E or EB or L visa for transfer between companies.

Why use the services of our US office - Ensley & Associates?

A small law firm. You know exactly who works with you.

Experienced immigration lawyers prepare and send your documents.
Avoid costly mistakes.
You can ask your lawyer an unlimited number of questions and get a quick answer.
Low, package prices. No hidden fees.

The immigration service includes:

A complete overview of your personal situation
List of documents required for the investment visa
Prepare and send to your application your application
Tracking Correspondence with the State Agency
Preparation for an interview
Unlimited communication with your lawyer

For more information, see here:

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