The rights of those affected by discrimination are governed by the Protection against Discrimination Act which prohibits any direct or indirect discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, human genome, citizenship, origin, religion or belief, education, belief, political affiliation , personal or social situation, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, property status or any other features established by law or international treaty to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party.

Anyone who considers themselves discriminated against in exercising one of their legally recognized rights has several options.

The first opportunity for the person concerned is to contact the Commission for Protection against Discrimination. The proceedings begin by filing a complaint or a signal with certain requisites and in no case can they be anonymous. The violation must be committed no more than 3 years ago and no legal proceedings have been initiated. A study begins within 30 days, after which an open Commission meeting is called, calling on the parties to reconcile. If the parties disagree, the Commission shall issue a decision to establish the infringement, impose a sanction, enforce administrative measures, and establish that there is no breach. The fines and penalties imposed by the Commission amount to BGN 40 to 20,000. The decision is subject to appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court.

Another possibility for a person who is discriminated against is to go to court. The District Court will be responsible for the appeal and will be able to convict the offender and award compensation for damages. If the violation arises from an administrative act or from an act or omission of a state authority, the act may be appealed before an administrative court under the Code of Administrative Procedure and a claim for damages may be brought under the State Responsibility for Damage Act , caused to citizens.

For all proceedings provided for in the Protection against Discrimination Act - before the Commission for Protection against Discrimination before the Regional and Administrative Court - fees are not collected. The costs are at the expense of the budget of the commission and of the courts. This fact aims to encourage every victim of discrimination to seek justice and defend his constitutionally enshrined right to equal treatment.

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