Under the Foreigners Act in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Regulations for its application, the residence of a foreigner in Bulgaria can be long-term and short-term.
A short-stay visa (type C) is issued to a foreigner who enters a single, double or multiple stay on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for a total period of residence of up to 90 days within 6 months from the date of first entry.

The long-term residence permit for foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria is long and permanent.

The long-term residence is with a term of up to 1 year from the entry into the country and is received by an alien who performs an activity under an employment relationship or an activity under the Investment Encouragement Act; a commercial activity that reveals at least 10 jobs for Bulgarian citizens; as well as foreigners who are regular students; representatives of foreign trade companies; parents of permanent residents; correspondents of foreign media and others. Persons should have an insured accommodation, maintenance, mandatory insurance and insurance.

Permanent residence is allowed indefinitely. Foreigners of Bulgarian nationality have the right to permanent residence; those who are children of a resident; parents of a Bulgarian citizen; foreigners legally residing in the last 5 years; foreigners born in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as those who have married with permanent residents or made an investment of more than USD 500 000 and others.

The procedure for obtaining a long-term residence permit passes through the issuance of a visa (type "D"). The requirements for issuing each type of visa are set out in the Regulation on Terms and Procedure for Issuing Visas. Visa applications as well as the necessary applications are filed with the consular and diplomatic representations of the Republic of Bulgaria abroad. The documents are sent to the administrative control services of the foreigners, namely the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior. The visa is for 90 days of residence. The necessary documents for the long-term residence permit must be submitted to the Migration Directorate at least 7 days before the expiry of the visa. A standard application is filed pursuant to the Regulations on the Application of the Aliens Act in the Republic of Bulgaria. Depending on the circumstances on the basis of which a long-term residence permit is required, different types of documents are required. The decision, which may be both positive and negative, is reported in writing. In case of a positive decision the fees provided in the respective tariff are paid and a card of a long-term or permanent resident in the Republic of Bulgaria is issued.

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