The Republic of Bulgaria is engaged in commercial activities under the following legal forms:

- sole trader
- limited liability company (OOD)
- a joint-stock company (BD)
- limited partnership (KD)
- joint stock company (AD)
- limited partnership with shares (KDA)
The proceedings are conducted in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency and are carried out in compliance with the Commercial Law and the Commercial Register Act.

An application is made at any agency unit to the district courts regardless of the seat of the newly registered company, as the register is unified and public.

The first step is to preserve the company name (so-called company). A template of the application can be found in electronic form (on-line) and in any office of the Commercial Register, where it is filed. A state fee is also payable to save the name.

The next step is the preparation of the application for registration, in which the main circumstances such as the registered office and the address of the management, the object of activity, the representatives, the manner of representation, the term of the company, the special conditions, the amount of the capital, the contributions, the partners, Different documents such as the Statute, the Constituent Assembly's Protocol, the Company's Agreement, the decision for the appointment of a Governor, a specimen of the Managing Director or Managers), relevant permits and certificates of professional competence, declarations required by law as well as import notes for paid-in capital at the bank and for paid state fees for the entry. It should be noted that different types of information and applications are required for each different type of company. Fees are also different. The application and the annexes are provided in the Bulgarian language but may be in any official EU language accompanied by a legalized translation in Bulgarian (if the founder is a foreign person). The application shall be submitted by the manager of the company or by an explicitly authorized representative, the latter being required by a notary certification of the manager's signature.

The proceedings end with a decision to enter or refuse entry. The refusal is subject to appeal. The registration certificate contains the so-called Unique identification code (UIC) with which the firm exists in legal peace.

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