Maritime Law Lawyers have outstanding experience in maritime law matters. Because of the uniqueness of maritime law and the extremely small number of well-trained specialists in international maritime law in Bulgaria, our attorneys are involved in every ...

a major maritime legal problem that has arisen in a Bulgarian port, as well as many international disputes.

We have worked as leading consultants in cases before foreign courts along with maritime law firms from the country concerned. Our Maritime Attorneys have been involved in major maritime disputes arising in the Black Sea and Mediterranean ports.

We are proud to have considerable experience in the following legal areas related to maritime law:

  • Arrests and detention of ships and cargo;
  • Disputes relating to cargo and charter contracts, and bills of lading;
  • Collisions and accidents;
  • Purchase and sale of ships; International sale;
  • Maritime insurance; H & amp; M, P & I;
  • Protection of the environment; oil spill; responsibility;
  • Body damage;
  • Rescue and Relief;
  • Ship financing, collateral;
  • Ship repairs; Liability and Negotiation;
  • "Towing / Towing"
  • Port activities.
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