Attorney-at-Law Vladimir Vladimirov gives expert opinion in interview for Bulgarian National Radio on the fact that Bulgaria is excluded from the lists of the Paris Memorandum as country owner of flag

Today, 20th of August 2019 Mr. Vladimir Vladimirov, Attorney-at-Law and expert in Maritime Law as well as experienced as ex-Chief Executive of the Supervisory Board of the Navibulgar before its privatization, has expressed his opinion on the latest maritime news, namely the fact that Bulgaria is excluded from the latest lists of countries with flags from the Paris Memorandum. He introduced the listeners of Bulgarian National Radio to the Paris Memorandum Organization and its impact and influence as well as the reasons which caused Bulgaria to be excluded as a flag country. He relied on his great experience while commenting on the reasons why the Bulgarian flag is not preferred by shipowners and also giving some insight on possible improvements which can be made. The whole interview here.

Vladimirov Law Office informs all of its current and future clients about the latest amendments and changes in the Law for the Measures against Money Laundering(LMAML) published on 7th of May 2019.

  1. The obligation to present the internal rules under Art. 101 Law for the Measures against Money Laundering by 12 May 2019 is CANCELED.
    The internal rules and policy on anti-money laundering and counterterrorism measures should be adopted but within a different deadline, and the obligation to send them to the State Agency for National Security is also canceled. The time limitation is 6 months and its beginning depends on the results of the national risk assessment - the responsibility of State Agency for National Security.
  2. The new obligation to declare the universal beneficial owners /UBO/ of companies and non-profit organization is within the same deadline - 31 May 2019.

Some companies and organizations are now relived from part of the obligations. For example, an universal beneficial owner (UBO) would NOT be declared if:
- a company or non-profit organization is incorporated in Bulgaria, and the UBO/ natural person / is listed as a partner or sole owner of the capital;
- a company or a non-profit organization is incorporated in Bulgaria, and as partners or sole owners of the capital are registered other legal entities, as evidenced by the registers, the respective actual owners / natural persons / of these other legal entities are entered and visible as partners and / or sole proprietors of the capital in the accounts of legal entities participating in the chain of ownership. The obligation to declare the UBO remains for those companies whose shareholders / owners of capital are not registered in Bulgaria or, specifically, when the respective legal entity is owned by a foreign company

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Commercial maritime issues on ship a nd cargo arrests in Bulgaria were a subject of discussion during the first and only forum on its kind on 19th of April, 2019, held by Vladimirov Law Office team in Varna town together with Court of appeal Varna, Bulgarian association of ship brokers and agents and Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping.

In front of over 70 participants amongst judges community, private enforcement agents, proffesionals from the maritime business and maritime administration/port infrastructure, our team in the face of the attorneys-at-law Mr. Vladimir Vladimirov, Mrs. Veselina Kirilova, Dr. Peter Bonchovski and Ms. Vyara Asenova started an important discussion about the basic roles and relations in the shipping, ship arrests and the enforcement, including the issues concernig bulgarian or foreign mortgages.

The extremely useful forum was finalised with promises for meetings like this in the near future, which will assist the proffessionalist in this speific are of practice.

In connection with the present dispute regarding motor tanker BADR and the great media interest, with the permission of our client and the legitimate and sole owner of the tanker - Libyan Navigator Limited, based in Malta, we publish for the benefit of all interested media, organizations and citizens, the resent relevant court acts, entirely in favor of our client in Bulgarian and English. Up to now, 4th of Jan, 2019, the cases in Bulgaria related to this matter are 6. Several files have been opened before the competent prosecutor's offices, the Inspectorate at the Ministry of Justice, the Chamber of Private Enforcement Officers and others.

Judgment of the Burgas District Court, which entered into force on 21st of Dec,2018.

Judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court, which entered into force on 2nd of Jan, 2019.


Inactive in 2017. commercial companies should file a declaration in the Commercial Register by 31 March 2018. State fee is not due.

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