In connection with the present dispute regarding motor tanker BADR and the great media interest, with the permission of our client and the legitimate and sole owner of the tanker - Libyan Navigator Limited, based in Malta, we publish for the benefit of all interested media, organizations and citizens, the resent relevant court acts, entirely in favor of our client in Bulgarian and English. Up to now, 4th of Jan, 2019, the cases in Bulgaria related to this matter are 6. Several files have been opened before the competent prosecutor's offices, the Inspectorate at the Ministry of Justice, the Chamber of Private Enforcement Officers and others.

Judgment of the Burgas District Court, which entered into force on 21st of Dec,2018.

Judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court, which entered into force on 2nd of Jan, 2019.


Inactive in 2017. commercial companies should file a declaration in the Commercial Register by 31 March 2018. State fee is not due.

Our team remains available for prompt and efficient submission of required documents on time.

The latest amendments to the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities gave rise to the obligation for all associations and foundations in Blagaria, as well as branches of foreign ones, to re-register in the Commercial Register and the Register of NGOs.

The sentences of the Bulgarian sailors from m. Nicholas are unjustified and will be appealed!
Our sailors are sentenced to 6 to 10 years in prison and huge fines. The whole process was carried out in a gross violation of procedural rules and European law.

The new Public Procurement Act enters into force on 15 April 2016. Adv. Vesselina Kirilova participated in training for the new moments and procedures introduced by Directive 2014/24 / EU and Directive 2014/25 / EU. Advocacy firm Vladimirov & Co expects your inquiries for consultations on conducting and participating in public procurement.

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